blue chair


*Prices listed below are estimates. Pricing will vary by project.


Blog post


Donor letter

Press release

Website content

Magazine article

Presentation script

Video script/storyboard

Price per story: $100-$500*

Powerful storytelling humanizes your brand and SHOWS the unique value you bring to people.


Survey: $200*

Focus group: $500*

Marketing campaign plan: $500-$1,000*

KNOWING your audience is essential to effectively reaching them.

Special projects

Editing/revising projects: $75/file*

Event coordination: Consultation required to determine project pricing. Please fill out the “Launch Your Project” form to learn more!

From one-page documents to exciting events, we’re here to help you make your vision a reality.

Social Media

Coaching session: $75/hr*

Monthly social strategy/calendar: $300

Social media management: Only offered as part of ongoing campaigns.┬áPlease fill out the “Launch Your Project” form to learn more!

Build brand awareness. Consistently connect with your people. Call them to action.
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